Friday, May 27, 2011

Coach K is traveling to Indonesia

Coach K begged. He wanted to join me on my trip to Indonesia. How can you refuse such a great man?. If he wants to go diving with me off of Bunaken Island, then my bobble head is wobbling in agreement. Our adventure begins on Saturday. I will tell you about the sights we see, and the wonderful people we meet along our way. Tonight K was helpful in stuffing the dive gear in the suitcase. He was jumping on my suitcase like a sumo wrestler! We can take only fifty pounds on EVA Air. EVA Air is a Taiwan based airlines, and after we leave Los Angeles, Taiwan is our first stop. I am curious to see how K enjoys flying coach! We won't arrive in Jakarta, Indonesia until Monday afternoon. I know K's little bobble head will be exhausted, but he's a trouper. Look at the championships that he has won. I know he'll be able to push through the jet lag and head out on the town for dinner with me when we arrive. Keep checking in with us to follow our adventures.

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