Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Coach K 's Evening in Central Jakarta

Coach K insisted on shopping at the Plaza of Indonesia in Jakarta. He attempted negotiating the price of a dive watch, but 2K was too expensive for for Coach K. Come on Coach! After handling all those refs, is this the best you could do?
Coach K toyed with me in Cartier. I thought after traveling to Indonesia together, after all of our exciting adventures in Jakarta, and after a lifetime of loyalty to Duke basketball, the Coach was about to purchase me a ring! Oh Coach, what a bobbling minx you are!
The Coach settled into the Grand Hyatt in central Jakarta for high tea. After a busy day of touring, he needed some pamapering. I heard him whisper, "Bring it on!"
This was Lina's first high tea, and the the Coach's first high tea with me. The three of us dove into the pastries with abandon.Lina decided to shower Coach K with Indonesian hospitality by serving him custard. The Coach will have sweet dreams tonight!

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