Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Coach K's First Day in Jakarta

Coach K posed in front of the National Monument in Jakarta which symbolizes the independence of Indonesia. Looking good Coach!This was a big tourist day for Coach K. He visited the National Museum in Jakarta.
Whose nose looks better? Coach K's or that of Ganesha?
Now this was embarrassing. After bobbling on and on about how much he loved Indonesia, the coach jumped from my hands and into the museum's exhibits of native Indonesian habitats. I think he was real estate shopping!

The police were not pleased that the Coach had made himself at home in the National Museum. I had to do some fast talking to keep the coach out of an Indonesian jail! They had not heard of Duke University, or Blue Devil basketball, but they could tell that Coach K had a commanding presence. I informed the police that he was an important man. He bobbled in agreement and was released to explore Jakarta for the rest of the day.

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