Monday, May 30, 2011

Coach K Flies to Jakarta

Coach K took no time in taking charge, just like a great leader. He chatted with Alaska Airlines pilot, discussed the flight plan to Los Angeles,and put on his Chuck Yeager southern accent.

The Coach settled into the copilot's seat for the flight to Los Angeles from Seattle. Thanks Coach! You can fly with me anywhere. Since the coach was flying the plane, my new friend, Rudy, who was sitting in First Class, bought me an upgrade. Thank you Rudy! It was the first time I was paged on an airplane: "Tula Holmes- Would you gather your luggage and come up to first class!"

The coach had a hideous accent in first class on the way to LA.-he fell. Perhaps he was dropped! His left leg broke off below the knee! He is a stud, and remarked that he had all intentions of diving Bunaken , despite his new status as a special needs diver. My seat mates on the was to Taipei helped perform the needed surgery, and we taped his leg back on with a water proof band aid. I will look for glue or a prosthetic for a permanent fix while in Jakarta.
The crew of EVA AIR in Taipei was thrilled to have the famous coach on board their plane. Perhaps they didn't know who the coach was. Perhaps they had never heard of Duke University. I think they had heard of basketball. They were great sports however, and gave the coach the attention he deserves!
I was able to watch the coach in action. He charmed the flight attendants who fell over themselves to welcome K to Asia.

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