Monday, June 6, 2011

Coach K Arrives in Bali

Coach K arrived in Bali to discover a towel cobra on his bed. He laughed so much that his head bobbled off his body, again! Welcome to Bali Coach!
It's always a beautiful morning in Bali. The Coach decided to swing from the balcony to gather young coconuts for breakfast. Folks, the Coach has gone native.
The Coach heads into Ubud like every other tourist- on the back of a motor scooter without a helmet.
The shopping was terrific along the Monkey Forest Road in Ubud, Bali. However, the Coach decided to stay clear of Komodo dragons. Wise decision Coach. You are known for wise decisions.
Was the Coach getting into the Hindu culture of Bali, or was he just avoiding the rat below? Come on Ganesha, do something about those rats other than offering them flowers and rice!

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