Monday, June 6, 2011

Coach K and Barack Obama Day

June 5th was Barack Obama Day for Coach K. He returned to Jakarta and drove directly to the central part of town to visit the school that Barack attended when living in Indonesia as a child.
After photos ops at Barack's school, the Coach wanted to drop by the American Embassy for more photographs. The embassy guards were the first unaccommodating people in Indonesia- pleasant? Yes. Laughing at us? Yes, but no photos for the famous coach at his own embassy. The Coach said he would drop by again when we return from Bali and Central Java. Why did the guards ask if we had been drinking? I told them I had only had one diet coke! Whatever could they have meant? I think the Coach and I are on their embassy list now!

Coach K went to dinner and stuffed himself on Barck Obama's favorite meal. The Coach sampled goat Satay.
Then he gobbled up Nasi Goreng.
The Coach ended his meal with Bakso and a drink made from young coconut. Happy Barack Obama Day! What is the next stop for Coach K? Bali!

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