Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Coach K Visits a Coffee Plantation in Bali

No one knows how to savor a good cup of coffee more than Coach K. He climbed onto the stone stove, made an offering to the Coffee God, and observed the hand roasting of the Bali Coffee beans.
The Coach learned about Luwak Coffee, which is the most expensive coffee in the world. The Asian Palm Civet eats the young red coffee beans, which sit in its stomach for a while, and then, well, you know, come out the other end. The beans retain their shape, and are gathered, washed, dried, roasted, and brewed. Luwak Coffee is touted for having an earthy, nutty flavor. For this reason, the Coach and I decided not to buy any!
The Coach was overwhelmed at the coffee and tea laid before him for tasting.
The Coach loved the Lemon Grass Tea, the Ginseng Coffee, the Hot Cocoa, and the Vanilla Coffee. He bought Lemon Grass Tea to bring to the team back home in the USA.
After a long day of touring the Balinese countryside, Coach K and I enjoyed our coffees and teas while looking across the coffee plants growing in the jungle.

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