Friday, June 3, 2011

Coach K 's First Three Dives in Indonesia

Coach K loved the cabbage coral. This is why he traveled so far. There is no diving quite like underwater parks in Indonesia! He did not want to leave. I had to pry him off the coral.
Be careful Coach! There might be fire coral nearby and you are wearing a suit- and I don't mean a wet suit!
Coach K is thinking of recruiting turtles for the team. Big boys like this could dominate a court! Right now, they are both sizing each other up!
The Coach told me that he had never seen colors this beautiful. I talked him out of changing the team colors to those of the Bunaken Coral Reefs, and just stick with the Duke blue and white. It works.
Coach K enjoys a well deserved Pina Colada after his first three dives. Not too much Coach! You will be diving again in the morning!

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