Saturday, June 11, 2011

Coach K Goes to Borobudur to Seek Enlightenment

Coach K was eager to walk the nine levels of the Buddhist shrine of Borobudur to achieve enlightenment. Borobudur was built in the 8th century and is the number one tourist spot in Indonesia. It is a holy pilgrimage destination for Buddhists. The Coach donned his sarong and began the trek upward.The Coach walked the two miles of corridors and stairways, contemplating the 2,600 relief panels.The Coach captivated the groups of children he met along the way as he led Wong and me up, climbing closer and closer to the top three levels of the Buddhist cosmology.
At the top of Borobudur are 72 Buddha statues that are seated inside of stupa that look like large, stone bells. If your arm is long enough to reach inside and rub the Buddha, you can achieve enlightenment. Unfortunately, the top three levels were closed due to the earthquake damage after the eruption of Mount Merapi last November. That did not stop Coach K. He did not need to rub the Buddha. He found his enlightenment by leading us to the top. He promises to lead me to my enlightenment when we hike Borobudur again. What a day Coach! You made it!

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