Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Coach K Dances the Barong!

Coach K was the last man standing in the temple in Ubud after the Keris Dance. The dancers entered a trance, were blessed by the priest, and then stabbed themselves with swords. When the dance was over, and all dancers collapsed but the Coach stood tall... well, tall for a bobble head!
Coach K learned to play the "gong" for the holy Barong Dance. Coach, is there anything that you can't do?
The Barong is the King of the spirits in Balinese mythology, and the leader of the good. Barong and Coach K had a lot in common. K explained to the Barong that in America, the Blue Devils are the good, and he is their leader. The Balinese now refer to the Coach as the Barong K !
The Barong Dance is performed in the temple, and is considered a holy ceremony. As the Barong K, the Coach was invited back into the temple to relax with the dancers. I was not able to accompany the Coach, as I was not wearing a sarong. From scuba diving to Hindu temples, the Coach is always dressed appropriately.

After a night of dancing, my Bali hostess and friend, Renee, took the coach and me to The Deli Cat for rose. That's what we drink in Bali. (All the other wine is too expensive, even for the Coach!) The manager, Gusti, was thrilled to meet the famous, winning basketball coach! Cheers Coach! Welcome to Bali nights!

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